• Kei Islands

    “Selamat Datang Di Kabupaten Maluku Tenggara” – Welcome to Southeast Maluku Regency – that is what the billboard is saying to those entering the capital city of the Southeast Maluku Regency called Langgur.

    Southeast Maluku regency known more as the Kei Islands, are rapidly regaining their reputation as the place to go to look for perfect, unspoiled beaches and underwater world.


    By looking at the leaflet map below, if you are coming from Bali  , currently, you need to initially fly to Ambon, the capital city of the province of Maluku, and from Ambon it will take you about one hour and fifteen minutes to reach the Kei Islands; specifically you will touchdown at Karel Sadsuitubun Airport (LUV), in Langgur. Garuda Indonesia, the national carrier of Indonesia, flies from Ambon to and from LUV everyday of the week except for Sunday.

    The local government, Kabupaten (Regency), is actively introducing the 68 Islands to the world as tourism destinations. To help with the development of Kei Tourism industry, the head of the regency has ordered to established the Kei Tourism & Promotion Board (KTPB). Officially the tourism board is active and running since May of 2016.


    Head of Southeast Maluku Regency

    “I appreciate all the efforts done so far by the Kei Tourism and Promotion Board working together with Bali Tourism & Promotion Board, to provide information on potential tourist destinations within Southeast Maluku Regency. To all local government entities that are supporting this endeavors are to support with providing information on programs that are going to run or has been done to enhance the development of our tourism industry ,” said Anderias Rentanubun, the head of Southeast Maluku Regency.


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