Explore Kei Archipelago



07:00 Is your breakfast moment at your chosen hotel. We think you are so excited that thirty minutes is more than enough for your first breakfast in Kei. At 7:30 our Duroa Archipelago Explorer team going to take you across Banda sea to a group of small Islands called Baer. Once the boat enters the bay, you will see, with awe, the picturesque views of turquoise sea surrounded by hills, similar to Raja Ampat. Behind the pier, you can find a blue lagoon, go swimming or snorkeling. If you are brave enough you can jump into the nature made lagoon from a 20-meter cliff.

After all that water activities it is time for your lunch; at 12:00 noon, the team has prepared delicious lunch for you to bring back some energy for the next leg of your tour.

At 13:45 from Baer the team will take you for another boat ride to Ngurtafur Island. Ngurtafur Beach, on Warbal Island, which stretches across the open Banda sea.

Ngurtafur beach stretched in the middle of a clear blue sea, as if  you are walking on water and can even be very close to the middle of the sea at the tip of the stretch. The sea at Ngurtafur beach is enlivened by fishes of various colors and coral reefs, making it the best place for swimming or snorkeling.

If you are lucky enough you can find Australian pelican birds during the migration season, which is in the month of October, where it is summer in the land down under.

At 15:00 you will head back to mainland for your afternoon coffee and some delicious your coconuts prepared ala Kei Islands, on Ngurbloat beach; the 3.5 Km long stretched white sand beach, and the sand is so soft like walking on milk powder.

You will remain in Ngurbloat beach to watch the magnificent sunset before the team will take you back to your hotel.

Daily Tours

Ngurtafur beach - Photograph by Rizasalahudin