Sp.I.C.E. Exhibitor Registration

Spice Master - Hoo Eek Kee


Fill in the SpICE Registration Form. The organiser allows exhibitor to exhibit or sell no less than 5 food items and no more than 10 items; so please click amount of food items you intend to exhibit or sell. Your food must be originally done by your store not not bought from a third party and sell and at SpICE – NO EXCEPTION. 


No, it is free; we want you to participate and make sell your creative products. However, there is a IDR1.000.000 security deposit required – NO EXCEPTION; don’t worry, if you cause no damage to the spot you are given, or the venue, you will get your money back at the last day of the festival. Fair right?


Of course, it’s business lah; the organiser will take 10% from your gross sales value, daily, before you will get your share. The final payment will be done on the last day of the festival, 6 October 2019. Please know this, each Exhibitor will get only 3 Exhibitor cards – NO EXCEPTION.


1) You need to submit your food items and prices no later than September 15, 2019 – NO EXCEPTION

2) You are responsible for your own  transportation to and from the festival, and your accommodation and lodging during the festival.  

3) You must indicate whether your food you are selling is considered “halal” or non “halal; tolerance will only bring good things, right? Hygiene is  a must; the person(s) that will serve the food to the visitor must at all time wear “clean” hand gloves and head cover – NO EXCEPTION; we don’t want no sweat dripping in the food you are preparing or serve. All your food must be in closed container at all times or displayed in closed glass food displayer(s); please keep your location clean at all times to prevent flies enjoying the food you are serving.

5) As food exhibitor you are not allowed to sell any beverage item. Beverage item will be sold in a separate location by the organiser unless it is your own made beverage such as “natural” drink(s)/juice(s) made on site, and listed on your food item

6) All food must be totally free from using ‘MSG” of any brand – NO EXCEPTION; let us be creative.

7) Set up day starts from the 30 September 2019 to 1 October 2019.

8) You are responsible to check your email and “whatsapp” periodically for any additional information published by the organiser in regards to SpICE. No check no info!!

9) All payment will be based on cashless payment system and central cashier payment system for visitor(s) without smartphone or online payment device.

10) Any Food Store caught selling directly to visitor(s) by receiving cash payment or without using the said payment procedures given, will be disqualified, and no longer able to continue at the festival; in addition must pay fine of IDR1,000,000 (One Million Rupiah) to the organiser; that means your IDR1,000,000 security is gone automatically!