Archipelago International Music Expo

@exotic beachside village


4 To 6 October 2019

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IGOR SAIKOJI - Rapper/Composer

“This event can bring many tourists to Kei”

SAYKOJI closes the final night of BKAF 2017 with an all out performance, watched by over 3000 spectators screaming and jumping following Igor and friends rapping, jumping on stage


“The Location couldn’t be more perfect; I hope to comeback”

She rocked the stage for two nights in a row. All the way from Amsterdam, Chelina brought new meaning of DJ performance in Kei

Lala Suwages
Lala Suwages
Recording Artist
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"I had a great time, I like to come back and perform again"........ Miss Suwages performance was epic. Sudden act of went off stage to sing together with the audience surprises the uninformed stage security; but the audience went crazy dancing and singing with her
Damaris Dior
Damaris Dior
Recording Artist - Bali/Amsterdam
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"It was a great experience performing at Bali.Kei Archipelago Festival"..........A young and petite singer from the Netherlands who is now residing and making her career as a recording artist from the Island of the gods. She has her own millennial style of music and her stage presence made people just fell in love with her.
Jessica Manuputty
Jessica Manuputty
Recording Artist - Amsterdam
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"It was an exciting and memorable experience when I had little kids from the Island to sing with me"........ A young artist from Holland parents of Maluku descent, performed uniquely with traditional songs from her parents' homeland. She even invited local little kids to perform on stage with her.


TSC is inviting previous artists and more recording artists snd new comers. Their decision to perform is on their management own discrepancy. It is not a guarantee appearance until all normal administrative processes are done. TSC reserves the rights for any changes prior to noticing the public.