The Festivals


We at TSC thrives to assist in developing the eastern part of Indonesia on its tourism industry, especially the Maluku archipelago. When we said "tourism industry" it means the ecosystem based on its geographical condition, which an archipelago. The ecosystem includes farming, husbandry, fishery and maritime. When the ecosystem is well developed and maintain, it can attract more national and international tourists to want to make Maluku as one of their chosen destinations.

One of our strategies in bringing nations to a specific designated areas in Maluku is by creating internationally standard festivals; which encompassed music and outdoor sports. TSC have managed to produce one festival on the Kei Islands regency in southeast Maluku, and is now appointed to continue the production of Ambon Jazz Plus Festival (AJPF). The AJPF is a festival that made its mark in Indonesia from 2009 up to 2012. The plan to revive the festival in 2020 halted due to the world pandemic. However, the team is moving ahead with AJF 2020 by implementing the festival using hybrid online streaming.